Saturday, October 27, 2018

What's this?

Google maps is going 'down-the-tubes'.
Where-the-hell is Kansas on this map?

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Rosa Canina

 Wild rose hips are ripe and ready for picking on Martin Luther King Way !
Rosa Canina
This is a photo of wild rose (and wonderful rosehips) along MLK (east side of street) just south of MLK Memorial Park.

Rosa Canina (aka dog rose) is smaller but much sweeter and stronger than rosa rugosa.  These little gems taste great raw.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Home sour home

This is the old Lazarus Center (aka the Laz)

The first time I went into the Laz (2004) I wanted to ask questions about the services (just turned 50) and I was immediately convicted of exceeding the 'three-times-per-day' by staff, a policy used for "reducing drug trafficking".  The 'pervert Mike' was at the front desk and immediately had two other staff volunteer testimony that they had seen me in-and-out all morning.  Neither one looked up to see who the 'violator' was.  The simply 'chimed-in' on-cue (for back-up) for the 'pervert Mike'.

I used to get mugged here over-and-over again by staff 'Tex'.  He was a good friend of 'Tony' and 'Annie Green' (the director).  'Tex' would selectively charge people a dollar to enter the Laz, and selectively charge people a dollar to get a 'free meal' at the Laz (with back-up from 'Tony').  'Tex' had a bachelors degree theology (UCLA).  'Tex' wasn't just a good christian, but an authority about god and all things about religion.  He was a favorite at both the Laz and 'the ranch' (St. Martin De Porres Shelter).  'Tex' had quite a 'hustle' going on which included counterfeiting U.S. bills (using Fedex printers).  'Tex' wasn't involved the the technical problems of counterfeiting.  He was the one who knew exactly how, when and where to 'spend' the money (with good refund for large bills).

Federal agents came to 'the ranch' one night and arrested 'Tex'.
'Tex' at trial:

The article mentions nothing about his counterfeiting activities nor do they mention his staff-work 'hustle' at the Laz or the 'the ranch'.  'Tex' was volunteer staff so Catholic Community Servives have no legal liability for his activities.  

A lot of folks at 'the ranch' wanted to know why Federal Agents were used to arrest him when the charges against him (rape) should have simply required state or county law enforcement officers.
Here is the new Laz:
2329 Rainier Ave S
"...and disagree it, well no one durst"

Note: Pervert Mike claimed to be a pervert. Who am I to disagree. Pervert-Mike should not be confused with the other Mike (always helpful) who was volunteer staff regularly and now shows up frequently at the Goodwill Industries Job Training and Education program.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Whole Foods Interbay

Do not eat or consume the rosehips from the rosa rugosa at Whole Foods Market (Interbay) ! -parking lot area

In the last several months many folks have asked about the rosa rugosa in the landscaping at Whole Foods.  They definitely spray chemicals on the landscaping.  At 7:50 am this morning a guy was spraying the 'beauty-bark' west of the grassy area all along 15th Ave parkway.  He was wearing a vest with Peak Landscaping on it.  I don't know if he works for Peak Landscaping or just wearing their gear.
Peak Landscaping for Seattle shows on a google search as:

For the last several months, the roses and rosehips in the landscape area have been far too prolific and pretty for looking like WILD rose!  They are getting great doses of chemicals for sure.
rosa rugosa visible
Special note:  the flowers off their rosa rugosa are still great for the olfactory nerves

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Links -Problems with Fare Enforcement

Metro bus tickets August 13th and August 14th

The one on the left was from the No. 7 bus coming from Goodwill Industries JTE. (August 13th)
The one on the right was from the No. 13 bus coming from 'Francis-House' after walking up from Goodwill Industries JTE. (August 14th)

The one on the right came directly off the ticket dispenser from the bus driver and I kept it in my left hand the whole time while transferring to the 'D-Line' (Rapid-ride) and was subsequently stopped by Fare Enforcement officers who claimed I was not showing a valid transfer.
There must have been other transit-riders having
 problems with transfers from the #13 on August 14th

Complaint form provided at DESC Interbay Place
According to the Seattle Public Library:
"King County Metro contracts with a private sector vendor, Securitas Security Services USA, Inc., to provide Fare Enforcement Officers to enforce Metro’s Fare Payment Policy."
ORCA 'Welcome Kit'
This was provided at Goodwill Industries JTE by a presentation sponsored by Catholic Community Services, Janet Hammer on August 29th from 9 to 12:30.
Unfortunately, the instructions did not work:

"Visit and follow a few simple steps to register your card:"

20 minutes in the computer room (GWI-JTE) and I was not able to make it any further than the third step.

wild rose used in landscaping !


New website: He Shed

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Lickety split

Holmes Brothers
Music at you tube ! 

Nick Moss Band w Dennis Gruenling
Music !

Fred McDowell
Music !

I ain't lyin'
Music !

Blues, why you worry me, Why do you stay so long
Blues, why you worry me, Why do you stay so long
You came to me yesterday, And you stayed the whole night long

I will listen to my people, My friends and nobody else
I will listen to my people, My friends and nobody else
I had to make mistakes in life, I had to learn it all for myself

I learn to smile at trouble, I won't let it get me down
I learn to smile at trouble, I won't let it get me down
I'll keep on keepin' on, 'Till the last deal goes down
79 cents !
Room-to- Move
John Mayall 1984
tea anyone ?
Clarksdale Blues